Officially established on 17th August 1962 under the name PT Department Store Indonesia. Having opened its doors to the public on 15th August 1966, the company becomes colloquially known as Sarinah, named by then-President Soekarno in honour of an influential figure in his life.


Sarinah demonstrates its commitment to fulfilling its mission to stimulate and support the development of the Indonesian economy through efforts to showcase local crafts such as batik. The company formally decides to change its name to PT Sarinah (Persero) on 10th April 1979.


Following on from a substantial increase in the company’s authorised capital, Sarinah initiates an expansion strategy that sees it open a retail outlet in Semarang. In keeping with this initiative to further its nationwide presence, Sarinah launches several new programmes to provide SMEs from across Indonesia with a platform to present their products.


Sarinah takes steps to modernise through a renovation of its landmark department store in Thamrin, Jakarta. This course of action plays a considerable role in attracting new tenants that reinvigorate Sarinah’s standing as a leading shopping and leisure centre, such as Indonesia’s first McDonald’s outlet.