Sarinah and the Indonesian Minister of Tourism Discussed Co-Branding Cooperation

Sarinah-Menpar CoBranding

On 11th November 2017, the Indonesian Minister of Tourism Mr Arief Yahya had a meeting with Sarinah, which was directly lead by its President Director Mr Gusti Ngurah Putu Sugiarta Yasa. The meeting discussed the Co-Branding cooperation between Sarinah and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, particularly in hosting the 2018 Asian Games and IMF-WB Annual Meeting. In his response, the minister was very supportive of the cooperation, and that the Co-Branding can directly proceed to execution, through including Sarinah’s products into the packets sold at the Asian Games and AM IMF-WB at various tourism destinations, particularly at locations where  there is a Sarinah branch.

Moreover, the minister reiterated that international events like Asian Games and the IMF-WB Annual Meeting posses great potential for Indonesia, especially in branding for the country’s tourism industry. The minister also encourages Sarinah to emphasise its various products unique products, for instances through making a list of Top 5 Indonesian Unique Products. As there are various different cultures in Indonesia, the country boasts so many unique products, thus it requires detailed selection in determining the products for the Top 5 Indonesian Unique Products list. This can be done through choosing the products based on certain criteria, such as the number and origin of its buyers, as well as developing a story behind those various products.

At the moment, Sarinah has already signed the Co-Branding cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, with the project’s execution is being conducted seriously. As part of this cooperation, Sarinah will establish booths of Tourist Information Center at strategic locations; one of which is the southern entrance of the Plaza Sarinah Thamrin.