Sarinah Launches S-Kopi and SK Mart

On 10th May 2018, Sarinah will launch the S-Kopi coffee shop as well as the SK Mart store in Yogyakarta. The two establishments are the result of Sarinah’s collaboration with PT Rumah Entrepreneur Indonesia (REI) — a company dedicated to facilitating entrepreneurship for young Indonesians — and will serve quality Indonesian cuisines and coffee. Strategically located near the royal palace in Yogyakarta’s city centre, the area is a well-known destination for local and international tourists; target market segments that can be captured by S-Kopi and SK Mart. Through this venture, the businesses can showcase the diversity of Indonesian cuisines in addition to positively contributing to the local economy.

The grand launching for S-Kopi and SK Mart will be themed ‘Everyday Indonesia’, and will be attended by Sarinah’s President Director Mr GNP Sugiarta Yasa, as well as REI’s founder Mr Ahmad Sugeng Utomo, and itsDirector Mr Choirul Anam; some 200 guests from Yogyakarta’s local government and the general public will attend. Mr Yasa stated that this collaboration highlights Sarinah’s commitment to cooperating with local SME partners to develop and market their products. Such initiatives are part of the company’s long-term strategy to realise its goal of becoming the ‘Window of Indonesia’, standing at the forefront of the growing awareness of Indonesian products.

In supporting S-Kopi and SK Mart, Sarinah continues to be a platform through which entrepreneurship is nurtured and developed. Through this, the company is playing an active role in advancing retail and trade in Indonesia and ensuring that growth is widespread and not limited to the Greater Jakarta Area.