Sarinah Participates in National High School Program

On July 2018, Sarinah participated in the ‘Students Experience the Archipelago’ program, a scheme initiated by the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises which sees high-schools from across Indonesia exchange their best students for a one-week period. During the program, students can gain valuable knowledge regarding the country’s diverse archipelago and its ongoing strategies to achieve sustainable development.

This year, Sarinah facilitated the exchange of 38 students from East Java province to South Sumatra province and vice versa. The Students were taught the social and cultural insights of the areas they visited through activities such as tasting local cuisines and learning the history of the region. Furthermore, other activities included an introduction on SOEs and their daily operations, highlighting how these institutions play an important role to not only their respective industries but also to national development. As such, the participants were given access to view projects — from transport infrastructure to public services, and public buildings and spaces — currently being initiated by SOEs.

Students that visited South Sumatra province were provided with the opportunity to tour the facilities for the upcoming Asian Games in Palembang. Here they were shown how SOEs can collaborate with international partners to host one of the largest athletic events in the world.

In co-hosting this program, Sarinah is showcasing to young minds the country’s economic potential. As such, it is hoped that participants can use this experience to become future solution providers that will help Indonesia meet its ambitious growth targets.