Sarinah Participates in Java Education Festival 2017

From 14th – 15th January 2017, Sarinah participated at the Java Education Festival 2017 which took place at the Jogja Expo Center in Yogyakarta, Central Java. The event served as a platform to provide in-depth information regarding Indonesia’s education sector including higher education institutions and scholarships to local youths. As part of the event, Sarinah was among a slew of other state-owned enterprises which sought to increase awareness regarding Indonesia’s rich culture as well as heritage; furthermore, Sarinah also sponsored the Java Education Festival 2017 event.

For the event, Sarinah worked in cooperation with its partners namely Wayang Sabar, Catur Wood, and Shareena thus enabling Indonesian youths to see first-hand the range of superior quality products that are manufactured in the country; the product range encompasses fashion and traditional crafts among others. To further highlight the breadth of locally-manufactured products that have also been exported and distributed nationally, Sarinah also partook in a talk show session. Through the event, Sarinah hopes to build upon a strong foundation amongst local youths in appreciating locally-manufactured products while also showcasing Indonesia’s upper-hand in the business sector on the local as well as international level.