Sarinah Set to Offer Warung Koppig Coffee

In 2017, Sarinah is set to offer a wide selection of coffee from fast-emerging coffee shop in Indonesia, Warung Koppig, at its Thamrin department store. Warung Koppig is renowned for its premium quality coffee products that are also often used in the creation of artisanal food dishes. Moreover, Warung Koppig specialises in espresso-based drinks such as the Americano, cappucino, and lattes which are produced using a manual extraction process. Customers will soon have the opportunity to taste Warung Koppig’s exquisite coffee exclusively at Sarinah; Warung Koppig predominantly exports its coffee. The official partnership will be marked during an event on Saturday, 8th July 2017 at Warung Koppig – Cyber Gym situated at Jalan Muara Karang Blok B1U no. 15.

With an already extensive selection of coffee bean products encompassing the rare luwak coffee and locally-sourced coffee beans from Bali and Sumatra, the latest partnership for Sarinah is poised to be of benefit for avid coffee lovers in Indonesia. Through this newly-forged cooperation, Sarinah continues to uphold its commitment in sourcing ethically-sourced and high-quality local coffee beans; this is demonstrated through Warung Koppig’s procurement of coffee beans that have been strictly planted in state-owned farms. As such, local and international coffee enthusiasts will soon rejoice as Sarinah readies to introduce Warung Koppig coffee products to the Indonesian market.