Originates from the desire of Ir.Soekarno as the first president of Indonesia who want to appreciate and glorify the name of a her keeper derived from the bottom named "SARINAH", and are perpetuated a name at the first Department Stores in the country in 1962, year was initiated by be the year of the founding of SARINAH (PERSERO), PT precisely dated 17 August.



The Sarinah building which currently stand was really developed at a cost of war reparation japanese government which was the opening of the Department Stores on August 15th 1966.



At the beginning of the establishment of sarinah, the situation makro indonesian economy in a state of very bad. Therefore Sarinah expected to be a stimulator, a mediator and tool distribution to the wider community and to function as an economic stabilizer, a pioneer in the development of retail trade (retail) as well as participate in the change of the structure of the Indonesian economy.



In accordance with his name, Sarinah has helped the interests of small communities as business partners.Until now this is pretty much counterpart binaan Sarinah good individuals company and cooperative.

On its journey sarinah also Suffered tides. Even in 1984 Sarinah building ever caught fire. However, driven by the desire to serve the public, Sarinah which has become a national asset continues to rise again.

As a small business partners, especially craftsmen, Sarinah want to play a bigger role in introducing national product to foreign countries through exports increasingly enhanced from time to time.

PT Sarinah (Persero) Jl. M. H. Thamrin No.11, Telp. (021)31923008, Fax (021) 319318353
GPS Location : Lat = -6.187531 Long = 106.82365