Culinary Tour

Savour the mouthwatering delicacies of Indonesia’s world-renowned dishes at its beating heart, Jakarta. An eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary dining locations are spread throughout the city illustrating the dynamic culinary scene. As the centre of international business, Jakarta has undergone a gastronomic change with its food & beverages industry and therefore offers cuisines ranging from Western to European to traditional favourites.

The iconic Sarinah Thamrin Department Store is strategically-located to districts offering direct access to many of the city’s sumptuous delights. Positioned nearby is Sabang Road, a highly-regarded location boasting various types of Indonesian cuisines sold by street vendors. From the national dish of fried rice to the specialty dessert martabak, Sabang Road’s proximity to Sarinah is worth taking note of for any food enthusiast.

Tourists seeking a contemporary dining environment should make their way to Sarinah’s many restaurant venues and large food court offering numerous options of rising restaurateurs with an adventurous appetite. Have a cup of warm Indonesian coffee at Sarinah’s Cup of Java or enjoy classic Indonesian dishes at Café Wedang. With a large variety of dining venues catering to a broad range of tourists with an interest in diving into Indonesia’s culinary scene, Sarinah is the ideal place to start your culinary adventure.