Cultural Visit

Experience firsthand Indonesia’s diverse culture with an all-day sightseeing adventure around the bustling capital of Jakarta. The country’s capital boasts numerous iconic landmarks and public attractions that tell the story of Indonesia’s rise to independence and allude to its colonial history. As the beating heart of the nation, Jakarta is uniquely suited to tourism trips focused on the discovery of Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage dating back to the colonial era through a series of monuments and museums located in close proximity to the city centre.

Sarinah’s prime position on the famous Thamrin road provides convenient access to public transportation as well as nearby tourist destinations. Tourists can take advantage of the city’s TransJakarta buses for easy mobility to visit the renowned venue of Kota Tua, considered to be the trade centre of Asia in the 16th century. Surrounding tourist locations include a number of well-known landmarks offering a glimpse into Indonesia’s past such as Bank Indonesia Museum and the Sunda Kelapa harbour.

Nearing the city centre is Indonesia’s iconic National Monument towering at 132 metres above ground. Constructed to commemorate Indonesia’s struggle for independence, Monas has become synonymous with the country’s cultural tourism strategy. Other nearby public venues include the National Museum in addition to Sumpah Pemuda Museum and Galeri Nasional Indonesia that are open to the public daily.

After an adventurous day of understanding Jakarta at its former glory, tourists can make their way back to the Sarinah Thamrin Department Store to unwind and shop for products reminiscent of the city’s iconic attractions. As a symbol of a memorable visit to Indonesia, Sarinah provides a vast array of local souvenirs, trinkets, statuettes, and many other commemorative items. Made with the careful hands of Indonesian craftsmen, Sarinah makes available five floors of retail space encompassing hundreds of timeless local products that are set to leave a lasting impression on customers.